The platform
o It is essential for us to achieve the vision that we must provide everyone an opportunity to be part of our platform. Our focus is ease of use and trust on the system. We can achieve this with a solution that simplifies the transactions and keeps smart contracts with maximizing security. Once deployed on-chain, these records cannot be changed, are publicly available to everyone with access to the chain, can be called for execution based on set parameters and verified by the blockchain’s consensus mechanism. Among other attributes, these characteristics allow parties to enter into binding digital agreements via smart contracts and execute transactions seamlessly.
Carbon Exchange
o The single place set up to quantify all carbon capture activities and hyper staking for adding depth to green businesses. Currently, big corporations are buying small green projects for the sake of getting carbon credits and emitting even more carbon in the environment through higher production. The lack of a Carbon exchange is responsible for even higher greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Zero Exchange is an online trading platform for buying and selling Carbon credits at ease, enabling everyone in the world to trade Carbon credits for Carbon Zero(CZO).
Enter CarbonZero.finance
o The key enabler for any large business is the value generated in terms of wealth. Carbon Zero .finance is not only focused on Carbon Capture and Storage; we plan to incentivize every activity that lowers the amount of Carbon in our only home – Earth. Carbon Zero .finance will be a currency in transactions. Enabling fast, secure transactions for the community, by the community. Initially traded for Carbon Exchange, in its path CZO will be used by every major green retailer to help boost their sales with brand association as well as number of transactions. As we bring in more retail partners, we will improve the number of businesses founded on the principles of sustainability. Improving the value of Carbon Zero (CZO) as the world currency, founded on basic principles of economics to incentivize people doing good for the world. In that manner, we plan to be the DeFi central bank for green projects across the world.
Feature Roadmap
o Point of sale Transactions – integration
The Carbon Zero wallet will be an NFC transaction hardware wallet on your mobile device. Along with the blockchain payment ecosystem around the world, this is your passport wallet that will not need any FOREX transaction while traveling. Enabling our vision of one people, one world, one coin.
o Hyper staking
Staking your coins in our global green projects will enable you to farm coins. In future feature hyper-staking will reward the stake owners with coins generated through Carbon Zero HUNTERS (Carbon capture devices). You will be rewarded for transaction(s) on Carbon exchange, in turn adding more CZO to your current holdings.
o Retail payment processing
Value of a currency is in the ease, speed and efficiency of transactions. As we move towards a lower carbon footprint system, more businesses can leverage the brand association with Carbon Zero. The community driven currency will be easy to use and processed at more payment points, creating a sustainable growth economic model.
o Bank integrations
One essential aspect of CZO will be its integration with the banks for ease of entry into the Carbon market and added liquidity to our green projects. In next phase of our evolution, we will be acting as a bank partnered with fiat banks.
o Development stack for the blockchain platform - Hyperledger is a Linux Foundation project building blockchain technology with open governance.
o Security at scale – High level security with enterprise-grade scalability.
o Unfair access to talent – Partnering the community with unrivaled industrial and technical knowledge as we start. Bringing world leaders in environmental and data engineering together to accelerate, scale and innovate at our network.
o Building the community – Building together an expansive partner network of innovators, regulators and suppliers to establish, join and run our blockchain.
o Diverse ecosystem to develop strategic partnerships and creating competitive advantage for CZO and partners.
o CZO Holders – The owners of Carbon Zero, you run the company and add value to CZO all the time.
Challenges, Risks & Mitigation
o We’ll be solving critical industrial problems by building and joining new businesses and networks with our applications.
o We’ll be building, operating, and growing CZO and partners in heterogenous environments.
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