Added value spotlight
Why have CNZ in your wallet?
Token holder benefits
o Instantly you are an impact investor with a portfolio in Green Economics.
o You are able to stake in Green Projects and one of the founding members that define future of the earth. You will also multiply your stake.
o First names on the Carbon Exchange leaderboard.
Carbon Exchange
o Free account on Carbon Exchange.
o Put your name in the bucket to lead the revolution, first adopters can rise up to CEO of Carbon Zero. Democratic voting for C-suite of Carbon Zero.
o World’s biggest carbon neutral marketplace.
Simplified regional bureaucracy
o Lobbying the government for integration of Carbon Zero coin with Carbon tax.
o Bringing power to the masses with integral payment processing based on Carbon footprint.
Lower costs
o Lowest cost on transactions, enabling retailers to enjoy their green earnings more.
Spotlight features
o Carbon capture access to everyone.
o Real-time carbon trading.
o Earn on staking out.
o Carbon Zero NFTs.
o Hardware wallet + Carbon capture devices.
o Leaderboards, recognition and awards.
o Global partnerships for ease of payment processing and access to exclusive sustainable products.
o Green benefits, yearly fully paid vacations to the most exotic green locations for the top 20 HODLers.
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