Market opportunity
Carbon is growing, so is Carbon Capture market
How big is this opportunity?
· 7.9 billion people, continue to get impacted by climate change due to carbon emissions.
· We are producing 33513.3 Mt of CO2 and increasing.
· We only capture 40 Mt of CO2 through CCUS, leaving 99.9% of CO2 still there to be captured by Carbon Zero HUNTERS.
· We only have 65 large-scale CCUS facilities operating and in development.
· Actual global crypto market cap has gone up by 800% in 2021 to $2.5 Trillion.
· Between 2012 and 2020, Bitcoin has gained 193,639.36%.
· The confidence for cryptocurrency as of January 2021 is almost 100%.
· There were 68 million wallet users by February 2021.
Who will be impacted most by Carbon Zero revolution?
Carbon Zero is a community founded for ONE WORLD and run by ONE PEOPLE. The key value proposition is to incentivize lowering carbon by everyone across the globe. The coin has been developed with classical economics at its core. Our mission is to raise the value of coin by its underlying assets and activities that include carbon capture, shared travel, renewable energy, and retail transaction across the globe leading to ONE COIN. We plan to impact or partner with the following entities to increase value and deliver results with Carbon Zero :
o Everyone – We will lower the amount of Carbon with our engineered marvels that eat carbon for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 24x7.
o UN sustainable goals – With our efforts we plan to lower the rising temperatures across the globe.
o Governments – It makes sense to limit emissions that contributes to climate change. The more pollution somebody causes, the more they should pay. A carbon price raises the cost of polluting while lowering the cost of renewable energy and electric cars. Governments can attain this goal by introduction of Carbon Tax, wait they already did. More Carbon Tax will force corporations to buy credits to offset their emissions. Where can they buy carbon credits? - Carbon Zero exchange list carbon credits from Carbon Zero hunters across the world.
o Corporations – Offsetting their carbon footprint by building CCUS projects and buying Carbon credits. $Billions of incoming investments in Carbon Zero CCUS projects across the globe.
o Carbon Zero community – Superheroes saving the world by lowering carbon and adding value to the Carbon Zero fund. In turn adding value to the Carbon Zero coin. Staking CZO for green and CCUS machines will raise the fund value and put more money in the individual wallet.
o Retail chains – More transactions or coins in a retail chain wallet may benefit them by lowering their carbon footprint and appeal to more customers with brand association.
o Environmental groups – Carbon Zero community will be supporting every initiative taken to lower the carbon footprint in the environment across the globe. Helping environmental groups with funding and engineering.
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