Green Economics
Sustainable Tokenomics
Carbon Zero methodology supports economics that supports the harmonious interaction between humans and nature and attempts to meet the needs of both simultaneously. We believe the basis of all economic decisions should be in some way tied to the ecosystem, the natural capital and ecological services create economic value.
Here, we will explain the value CZO(The native currency of Carbon Zero) creates in the ecosystem and any activity that impacts its value. By utilizing strong, innovative classical economics principals, Carbon Zero intends to continually improve and increase in value to reward individuals and corporations by incentivizing Global Carbon Reduction.
Carbon Zero will be developed through a phased approach with each increment adding to the previous thus increasing the underlying value of the token and creating more demand. The continuous effort to build the ecosystem will reward initial stakeholders or HODLers of the Carbon Zero coin.
Carbon Zero Ecosystem
Following this approach, Phase I-Initial rollout will bring the CZO coin to the community. This will create value for early adopters:
Phase I: Initial Distribution
Carbon Zero will follow the key values of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We will not be relying on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges or banks. Carbon Zero will rely on its community to offer financial instruments to rid world of Carbon and help the community grow. That is why initial offering will have 50% of the native currency in circulation for the community, 20% as the CZO impact fund governed by the community and 30% for the development, marketing and sustainability of the platform.
Phase II: Building capabilities to deliver Carbon exchange platform
Carbon exchange is key value addition to CZO. As we start to deliver on the promise of incentivizing lowering and capturing Carbon, we bring the market to everyone involved in these activities. Actively trading carbon credits for CZO on the platform powered by blockchain and deep learning technologies. Recent activities by governments and regulatory bodies are evidence that points to growing demand of carbon exchange. The high demand and limited supply of CZO exchange will move the price of CZO upwards. With no sellers large enough to have price-setting power, the community will benefit from raised prices and lower carbon in our environment.
Completion of Phase II will help us drive the ecosystem development. Bringing us to develop the CZO impact fund that escalates CZO across the globe.
Phase III: Fiscal growth and bigger impact
Growing in stature with Carbon Zero impact fund and brand associations across the world. The CZO team will move towards the goal of becoming the most trusted central world bank for sustainable business and initiatives. Achieving One World, One People and One Coin.
CZO HODLers can stake their investments in CZO impact fund to invest in sustainability. As the more CZO moves to the CZO impact fund through Carbon Exchange the supply in circulation will go down, demand will be high to complete smart contracts for Carbon Credits. This will ensure continuous growth of your CZO value and more value to fund massive projects that will lower than Carbon at substantial rate. Adding value to the environment should we worth more than anything else, taking this approach to retail will further squeeze the supply, elevating the purchasing power of the community multifold. Establishing the CZO wallets as the currency of the world, making it simpler to store, transfer and transact with CZO across the world.
CZO will become an atomic unit of value exchange within the Carbon Zero Exchange, retail and impact funds. In short, Industry participants producing excess carbon will have the ability to purchase CZO tokens from individuals and organizations with carbon reduction activities. This will mark the evolution of the Carbon Cap and Trade System allowing seamless, transparent and innovative transactions all built on the blockchain using Smart Contracts.
In closing, Carbon Zero is about three main roles:
o Establishing supply and demand balance CZO token firsts
o Improving and Incentivizing Carbon Reduction activities
o Facilitating the trade of excess carbon production with carbon reduction activities
o Creating the World’s first Incentivized Carbon Trade program based on blockchain by uniting Consumers and Industry
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