Solving market problems
Key pain
o More than 7000 tokens with most lacking vision.
o Undefined utility and economics.
o I am too late for crypto.
o BTC is consuming energy and has huge carbon footprint.
o Crypto is a high-risk investment.
o Corporations need carbon offset for more production.
o Increasing carbon taxes, need to pay lower carbon taxes.
o Crypto is confusing.
o Still not a primary currency for transactions.
o Visionary coin with focus on lowering carbon through engineered products.
o Defined use of the Carbon Zero coin, value backed with carbon exchange and products.
o Simple, easy transactions with value locked in Carbon capture projects, CAGR of +26% for next 30 years. We’re tied to a problem, commodity and the solution that is not speculative but a value creator.
o Easy, fast transactions based on a blockchain that is based on smart contracts exchange and not on POW. Leading to low cost and faster of transactions.
o Taking the risk of crypto out of equation, backing the coin with value generated through industrial solutions.
o Facilitating carbon trade with exchange, gradually rising cost of credits leading to a greener future with incentive on renewable sources.
o Anyone can buy carbon credits from anywhere to lower carbon tax obligations.
o Simpler exchange and transaction with information sharing for everyone. Partnering with retail and banking to bring Carbon Zero to every store.
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